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Polk Gateway

Are You In?

You Are In Polk Gateway

Polk Gateway is a cloud-based application, built on a platform that is accessible by computers and mobile devices. Polk employees will have access to information and news both in the office and out in the field. Once the application goes LIVE it will be available on both personal devices and automatically pushed to all Polk County BoCC devices.

Polk Gateway will provide easy use for you to navigate and zero in on information that you find important and relevant.

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Polk Gateway is LIVE

You may visit and access the public facing area of the site or login for more employee specific content.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received the email with my login information, but I am still unable to login. What do I do?

If you are having trouble logging in, please contact (863) 534-7575 or submit a ticket to the Help Desk at and we will get you on the Gateway as soon as possible.

Where can I download the Polk Gateway App?

You can download the App from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Download on the Apple App Store Get it on Google Play

Can I download and use the App on my iPad or Android Tablet?

Yes. The App will work on any Wi-Fi or internet-enabled device.

Will this App be required on my personal device to receive Polk County information?

No. The App will not be required, but will be highly recommended, as Polk Gateway will be used to communicate information important to all county employees.

Can we get Polk Gateway on our county issued device?

Yes. Anyone with a county phone or device will automatically receive the App on their mobile device.

If I download the Polk Gateway App to my personal phone, will the entire contents of my phone be subject to public information requests?

No. Polk Gateway is a county application and similar to email. All of the contents within the app are subject to public information. The entire contents of your phone, computers and tablets are not.

Is there anyone that I can contact for training on how to use the Polk Gateway App?

Yes. You can contact the Communications Division at (863) 534-6090 for individual or group training for your division or email us at

Do I have to sign up for push notifications on my phone to use the App?

No. If you have push notifications enabled on your mobile device, you will receive them.

Will I receive notifications if I don't have the App?

Yes. A notification may be sent to your email if it is something that is deemed important.

Can I submit a recommendation for an article?

Yes. You can email or contact the Communications Division at (863) 534-6090.

Is the chat feature and comment area of the App subject to public record?

Yes. Anything said within the App is subject to public record and in accordance with the Employee Handbook Policies and Sunshine Act.

Can I be reprimanded for excessive use of the Polk Gateway App during work hours?

Yes. The information on the App is for employee enrichment as well as to communicate across all divisions. Please use the App when appropriate and adhere to the guidelines set for personal phone use in the Employee Handbook.

If I use the App on my personal device, will my location be tracked?

No. Your location services have to be enabled by the user.