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Wellness Incentives

One trip to your doctor can earn you $200 in savings and help put $100 in your pocket!

The Polk County Board of County Commissioners cares about our employees and we want you to have the ability to live the healthiest life possible. In an effort to help motivate you to go to your doctor to get a physical exam and a blood work up (which can be done in a single visit) and take a Health Assessment online, all employees enrolled in Polk County’s health plan and their covered spouses may EACH earn up to $300 in Wellness Incentive rewards. By taking the steps necessary to satisfy the Wellness Incentives program requirements both you and your covered spouse will earn the rewards identified below, as well as being provided valuable tools to help you manage your overall health and wellness.

Two Ways it PAYS to Participate

1. Get a Physical Exam - Earn $200 Incentive Credit Through Aetna    show  /  hide

Earn a $200 Wellness Incentive Credit payable through Aetna when a provider performs a physical exam between January 1 and December 31st each year and the claim for that exam is submitted to Aetna. This credit will be applied toward the deductible and/or coinsurance as claims are processed. Generally, lab work will be ordered in connection with a physical exam so that your doctor will come to know your cholesterol/blood sugar clinical measurements.

A physical exam, annually and/or at regular intervals, has many benefits, the most important of which is early health risk detection. Many major potential killers—such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure— may be present for years before any symptoms are detected. Finding and treating them early enough can save your life.

Seeing a doctor—even when you’re feeling healthy—helps you develop an ongoing relationship so that he or she can better determine your specific risks and vulnerabilities as you grow older, then advise you about how to prolong and improve the quality of your life. Also, if and when you do get sick, you’re much better off being treated by a doctor who knows you—inside and out—especially in emergency situations.

2. Complete Both a Health Assessment & Know Your Clinical Measurements - Earn a $100 Cash Incentive    show  /  hide

The Health Assessment is a questionnaire that identifies personal health risk factors by recording information about your overall health and lifestyle. Assessment results provide you with an action plan to help you make decisions and manage your health. Access the Health Assessment on the Aetna Navigator website,

How do you get your clinical measurements?

Do ONE of the following:

  • See your medical provider any time between January 1 and December 31st each year to complete the appropriate lab work;


  • Get lab work done through Employee Health Services between January 1 and December 31st each year.

NO FORMS TO COMPLETE… YOU’VE EARNED $100 by finishing these two simple steps!

Once you or your covered spouse complete the Health Assessment and it’s confirmed that the appropriate blood work has been done, your employer will add $100 to your pay check (and an additional $100 will be added if your covered spouse also completes the requirements).

The $100 Cash Wellness Incentive is a great reward and the health information gathered from the screenings is priceless.

Your Information is Confidential! Aetna is legally obligated to protect confidential information in accordance with HIPAA Privacy Rules. To honor confidentiality, an individual’s medical data will never be shared with your employer. However, because financial incentives are connected with completing Wellness Incentives requirements, names will be shared with Polk County for administrative purposes.